My Story

I come from a family who loves doing all kinds of different things with their hands: some are handymen, others make gifts baskets. But one thing they all have in common is that they love my baking! Plus, I've always had a sweet tooth! Come see what I've baked for you.

Baby items handmade by Marie

My mom can pretty much do anything with a sewing machine. When our kids were little, she decided to help us by making some diaper clutches, toy straps and burping pads. In any colors and washable, these items can sure help YOU stand out of the parental crowd!

The Goodies

Sweet, original and perfect for your next event, Nat's goodies will sure please everyone who gives them a try.
Warning: All of our products may contain traces of nuts.


Come see what I have to offer or contact me for any inquiries.

Meet Our Chefs

Who is behind Nat's Goodies? We all are! It's a family thing :)



Mia is my little artistic girl. Full of imagination, she helps be make the craziest designs.


Natasha Dubeau

I'm the brain behind it all (while my husband cleans my messes)! I love what I do for others.



Mathis is always there to help me bake or mix things. The best part is tasting it!

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Get in touch

Whether it's for an order or a simple question, I'm always there to help!